I know that Dean was afraid that he’d go through Sam to kill Abaddon, if she got ahold of Sam to use as leverage. 

But what I want them to acknowledge and talk about is that if Abaddon got Sam?  Sam would be encouraging Dean to go through him to get her.  Dean was worried he’d kill Sam to get Abaddon; what he needs to be worried about is that Sam would tell him to do it.

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awww yeeeeah 

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nothing’s ever yours to keep (lullaby)

(you should probably listen to this)

It’s cold.

He’s getting cold.

Dean can’t help the laughter as it bubbles out with the blood. He can almost hear the bullets rattling in his chest, right here next to his pounding heart. Could be worse, he mutters, turning stiffly to smile at his brother. His brother, next to him, quiet. Getting cold. Sammy? Dean’s eyes are white and red, scared and black. His fingers twist in Sam’s shirt — soaked dark with blood, dark, red and cold — as he pulls his brother into his arms. Don’t, he thinks, laughs, slaps a hand to Sam’s face as if he’s slept through the alarm again. It’s okay, he hears a shaky voice say, his own voice, over and over into the darkness in front of them.

It’s okay, Sammy.

His body catches up with the voice and now every part of him is shaking, trying so hard to brush the hair from Sam’s eyes. I got you. Sammy, I gotcha. Nothing to worry about, b-baby brother, I’m here. He’s so cold, bullets rattling. D-don’t, he says, thinks, tries to remember the smile still on Sam’s face. It’s there, but only when he looks hard enough. It’s okay.

The sky is clear tonight as two brothers lay wrapped in each others’ arms, cold and red, dying and dead.

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Why Those of Us Who Don’t Trust Ezekiel Aren’t Just Overthinking the Situation


Exhibit A. It Takes Three Tries for Ezekiel to Give Up His Name

3 is a bit of a magical number in storytelling. Do something once, and who is to say the audience will remember? Do it three times, and at the very least, no one can say you didn’t try to hint that it was important. Ezekiel is asked for his name three times—and only on the third acquiesces to giving one.

  1. The angel who does not recognize him. Ezekiel’s response is that he will be “happy to make [his brother’s] reacquaintance” after that angel disarms.
  2. Dean, post Ezekiel taking out that angel. Ezekiel’s response is to “never mind” who he is, directing the conversation to who Dean is and what he needs.
  3. Dean again, but this time with the added incentive of a holy fire. Ezekiel answers this time, but only after hesitating, only after looking around at the fire and realizing he’s trapped, and only with a name. Even when Dean asks for proof that he’s good, he answers vaguely, running around the subject: he’s sure there are many angels that are hunting Dean and Cas (only implying he is not one of them), some angels believe in the mission and in him and Castiel. Only when speaking of his injury and of the actual goal here, getting to and healing Sam, does he truly use the word “I”—a common mark of a liar.

Exhibit B. Ezekiel is Never Interested in Sam’s Consent

While Ezekiel first presents the idea in a way that makes it seem like it’s a bad option he does not want to consider, he changes his tune the second it’s out there. He shows Dean what’s going on inside Sam’s head to push him towards making the call, he calls it the “best option in a bad situation” (a complete 180 in tone from the “no good options” line before), and seems perfectly willing to take a yes from Dean. It’s Dean who has to remind him twice that his yes shouldn’t mean anything, that it’s Sam who has to make the call.

And the second time, Ezekiel makes it clear that while he also feels that Sam would not say yes, he does think Dean could make him say yes.

Exhibit C. Ezekiel Tricks Sam into Saying Yes

He doesn’t tell Sam what is happening. He doesn’t tell Sam of the consequences. He even twists Sam’s request for more information into a sort of consent by asking him if by that request he is saying “Yes”—which comes with the nasty side-effect of Sam being able to eject him if he ever finds out. (And how does Ezekiel deal with this side-effect? By wiping all of Sam’s memories so he won’t suspect a thing, so that Dean does not have to explain the situation.)

Granted, this bit of evidence requires a belief that it was Ezekiel, and not Dean, that was in Sam’s head at the end of the episode. While I understand that there’s some contention on that matter, I have no issue arguing on that assumption because to digress slightly, everything in the episode indicates that it is Ezekiel. 

  1. Ezekiel makes no motion towards Dean, allowing the audience to intuit that he was putting Dean back in Sam’s head.
  2. What Dean says he said in the chapel, in the car at the end, is distinctly different from what Ezekiel!Dean says he said in the chapel. It’s a “You’re capable of anything” mentality versus a “it’s you and me, through anything” mentality.
  3. The special effect is clearly one of shapeshifting (and basically the same one angels such as Lucifer and Gabriel have used before in similar tricks). It transforms Ezekiel!Dean into Ezekiel, versus Ezekiel appearing from behind or bursting in in a show of light.
  4. Angels have been shown to be able to read minds and pull information out of a victim’s head (Lucifer, maliciously; Cas, non-maliciously). While the ability is ill-defined, it is perfectly within canon rules to have pulled a snippet from the chapel to fit his argument. Especially when the bit he pulled, as mentioned, differs from Dean’s account and really only serves his argument. Which, speaking of:

Exhibit D. Ezekiel and Hael’s Arguments Mirror Each Other Perfectly

That is to say, both focus on the combining of two into one, in what they preach as a mutual partnership but only leaves one person truly in power.


I’d be lost without you, Castiel. It’s the least I could ask of you […] We’re going to become more than just friends, Castiel. We’re going to become one. […] You were right, Castiel. With us, together, I think I could learn to like it here.


I can fix this, but not if you shove me out. […] I made you a promise, in that church, you and me, come whatever […] But you got to let me in, you got to let me help. There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.

Exhibit E. This Dirty Little Smirk

imageWhich speaks for itself.

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The gears are fucking shifting in my head right now.

For Sam to be the vessel of Lucifer, his blood was tainted, he drank demon blood-etc.

The trials have purified Sam. Have blessed him. Made him Holy in an essence. He was hearing angels as they truly are.

If the angels were evicted, it is plausible to think that God was, too. 

Maybe God heard Dean’s prayer. Maybe that is why he arrived first. 

It could also explain why his ‘brother’ didn’t recognize him. Or how his demeanor was one of non-violence—asking his brother to disarm and then he’d be glad to meet his re-acquaintance.

It would also explain why he didn’t want to give up his name. He can’t tell Dean outright that he is God. Dean Winchester (and Sam, too) would be very pissed off with him. And perhaps he knew this. 

And maybe God chose Ezekiel’s name out of the significance of what it means. “God strengthens.”, but only doing so when surrounded by holy fire. 

I also think back to season 8 when Cas told both Sam and Dean that he was unable to heal Sam. That it went beyond the realm of things he could heal. 

So, following that line of thought, we can also probably assume that Ezekiel cannot heal Sam either. 

But maybe God can. 

But he can only do so, being housed in Sam’s body—the purest vessel on earth (from the trials)—because Sam’s body strengthens him, too.

Perhaps Dean put God into his Brother. 

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charlie reading all the supernatural books and getting a crush on jo and crying over her death and just absolutely falling in love with all her little quirks even though she’s never met her. 

charlie finding out she was a real person and feeling her heart break

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so i was jamming to Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (cough cough nudge) and along the side is a VEVO ad for Britney’s new song or idk and her face was right there staring at me and i started thinkin’

what if

dean’s driving down some empty stretch of highway one day and the tape deck is busted so he’s flipping through the radio because he can’t be alone with his own thoughts, can’t, it’s been three weeks since he dropped his brother off at the bus station, three weeks that sam’s been gone and he’s gone and dad’s been a wreck and dean is barely hanging on. so he’s cranked up the radio to whatever shit top 40 he can find, anything to fill the silence buzzing in his ears— he still catches himself sometimes turning to glance at sam sitting shotgun, to tell him a dirty joke or smack his hand away from the volume control or god just to look at him, that gorgeous smile of his but it’s gone, packed away to california and dean just needs him here, please, sammy—

so he’s got his foot to the gas and endless miles of highway to go in front of him and before dean even realizes it he’s tapping along with some inane pop song, strumming guitars and tacky snapping and— is that goddamn Britney Spears? and Dean reaches over to change the station but he hesitates, something keeps his attention. if sam were here (please stay with me dont go stay here) dean would’ve howled out a laugh, smacked his brother’s leg and turned up the volume, “hey sammy, check it out, your favourite song”. as it is dean’s thankful as fuck that he’s alone in the car, rolls his eyes and checks that the windows are closed tight (just in case) before settling back into the song.

From the bottom of my broken heart
There’s just a thing or two I’d like you to know
You were my first love, you were my true love
From the first kisses to the very last rose

From the bottom of my broken heart
Even though time may find me somebody new
You were my real love, I never knew love
'til there was you

and suddenly there’s a lump in dean’s throat, knuckles white on the steering wheel. he finds himself blindly pulling over to the side of the road, goddamn Britney Spears crooning out from the speakers, and it’s there that Dean Winchester sits crying for his brother.

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For my beautiful Maral

They’re fighting someone else’s war
They’ll have so many stories to tell
In exchange for a hero’s farewell

And you know heroes aren’t meant to survive
So much harder to love when alive
Walk with the devil in your head
You would think you were better off dead

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I saw the Sherlock one and thought I would do the same. :) *high-fives Satan*

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happy birthday, sammy!

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