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sam’s drunk and needy, grabbing at dean’s collar with clumsy hands and a whine in his throat, please, his eyes red and wide and begging, dean, and he can’t, can’t, he won’t— don’t know what you’re asking, sammy, just let it go. but everybody knows that dean’s resolve when it comes to sam is even weaker than his brother’s inability to hold his liquor and it only takes another quiet moan from sam’s perfect bow of a mouth, please, i need— please before dean’s giving in, crushing their lips together in a furious kiss, his own hands already tangled in that goddamn long hair. dean can barely taste how wrong it is beneath the sweetness of sammy, doesn’t think twice before sucking the whiskey from his brother’s tongue.

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they said it hurt their eyes
but he would never know
that they were filled with regret
as their own dissipated
he said, "i now feel more desperately alone
even though they wrapped their arms around me
as i'd fallen"

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make me choose | raphael or michael

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such a great show! you can listen to Sky Alive here… <3

such a great show! you can listen to Sky Alive here… <3

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okay so this episode

  1. sam gets meaningful interaction with someone who isn’t dean
  2. actual references to how previous seasons affect this one
  3. dean has a proper myth arc
  4. myth heavy episode
  5. MoL backstory
  6. directed (very well) by misha
  7. brothers trying to find common ground


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SPN 9x17 “Mother’s Little Helper” sneak peek! 

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